Mikah is a a blood-bought Elect overcomer, a Spirit-led believer in the Supreme God, by whatever name you call Him. She does not follow traditions and doctrines of men and false church dogma.

 Mikah came out of the church system of man as instructed by Messiah Immanuel in one of the last warnings for this earth age.

 Revelation 18:4    And I heard another voice from heaven, Come out of her My people, that ye be not partakers of her sins…





Mikah, a prophetic writer and messenger, was chosen to reveal the true Kingdom gospel for the last time in this earth age so that spiritual leaders can bring many out of the idolatry of false beliefs before the Day of Wrath. The cover photo shows Mikah sitting on the floor worshipping, surrounded by blue Shekinah glory indicating the presence of Divinity. She was glorified as Messiah reached from the spirit realm and laid hands on her, anointing her into service to write God-breathed Books.

Two years after the anointing Mikah had a visitation from Gabriel. His message was¬†‚ÄúYou have the most important job on the planet‚ÄĚ.


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Hardcover Red Letter Edition

386 pages      60+ COLOR PHOTOS OF SPIRIT REALM:

Notice the pillar cloud, photo taken during a visitation.

Unique to these holy Books are miraculous photos of the spirit realm reinforcing what Mikah was taught to write. Astute spiritual leaders will find much to ponder and discover!

This is the little Book prophesied in Ezekiel 2:9-10 and Revelation 10:2. The purpose is to reveal false teachings and restore the true Kingdom gospel just as Enoch, Moses, and Messiah Immanuel did in their seasons.

Within are clear admonitions and interpretations that strengthen the original messages and intentions of Father and Son. Readers will find a challenging study promoting  truth, and spiritual healing to help repel demonic influences and achieve greater connection with the Holy Family.

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Hardcover Red Letter Edition 



Unique to these holy Books are miraculous photos of the spirit realm reinforcing what Mikah was taught to write. Astute spiritual leaders will find much to ponder and discover!

The Journey Through Tribulation is correctly interpreted Biblical prophecies of Daniel and John, stemming from Mikah’s interactions with the Holy Spirit of God which powered her special relationship and the interpretations. Prophecy is never literal, and scripture interprets scripture. There are surprises in the appendices. 

Father Yhovah knew from the beginning there would be false teachers, so He hid the truth of end-time prophecy in these visions. These messages will help bring many through the tribulation of sanctification to be saved from destruction on on the Day of Wrath. The seal of understanding will be broken for those who are to take the warnings and truth of the gospel to the nations. 

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Red Letter Edition 


This spiritual Book is an addendum to The Truth of the Kingdom, revealing false teachings and end-time prophecy; a must read for spiritual leaders so they can prepare the Congregation for the end of the age. The Book builds on the foundation laid by prophets and apostles, with our Redeemer as the cornerstone.


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Hardcover  Red Letter Edition


Spirits are all around us all the time, some holy and some unholy. All are shapeshifters and can manifest any way they like.  Mikah's assignment given in 2006,was to buy a camera to take photos and write four Books. She is prompted by Father Yhovah when to take photos and usually does not know what the camera will see. Mikah has been blessed with thousands of supernatural photos that Father has used to teach and reveal the true Kingdom gospel for the last time in this earth age. This is the fourth Book, this is the last!


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