Christ's Kingdom Management Team, Inc is a 501(c)(3) public religious charity and teaching ministry.  We share the true Kingdom gospel with God-breathed Books and a slide presentation of supernatural photos that prove the gospel. We have a local and international evangelistic outreach that includes supporting orphanages and also provide housing for homeless/low income seniors and vets as room permits. 


Supernatural Slideshow


The difference between staying where you are spiritually, or moving toward your destiny, is  LEARNING ABOUT SPIRITUAL DELIVERANCE and taking action. Instructions are in the 2nd section of the Books and call Mikah for free assistance. 

Anointed into service in 2006,  Mikah was surrounded by blue Shekinah glory indicating the presence of Divinity, as she was glorified. Messiah Immanuel reached from the spirit realm, laying hands on her confirming her job to restore the true Kingdom gospel back to mankind. 


Known around the  world, evangelists Reinhard Bonnke and Benny Hinn are golden, the highest spiritual level known as Eagle.


"I have known Mikah since mid-1998 and have seen her grow in her relationship to our Father and Immanuel, our Lord and Savior, King of kings and Lord of lords. She has shown me on a daily basis that she is willing to die to herself, pick up her cross, and follow them. I have seen her go through many trials and tribulations and come out victorious because of her trust and faith, and following the Word. Mikah has always made herself available to help my family over the years with her cleansing and healing prayers in our times of trouble. The Truth and The Journey Through Tribulation contain a wealth of information and she has made these healing prayers available in section two. I have always enjoyed hearing the testimonials of fellow followers of Christ and seeing the way He works in their lives. I eagerly anticipate her next Book to learn more about her walk with Him. I am proud to call her my sister in Christ and a dear friend! "

Susan Gena
October 2017

"I am blessed after study this book and the testimony of Mikah is awesome. I like her pics which show glory of God and encounters. She is doing wonderful job. I am praying for her! "

Pastor Azhar Farmaish (Pakistani)
November 2018

"I have known Mikah during this year 2021. I and the orphans at God’s Love Home and School in Uganda are very blessed for being a beneficiary of her wisdom and support. She has very specific calling in the Lord! By Devine Appointment, she is my spiritual mother in the Lord . "

Pastor and Home founder James Mukiibi (Ugandan)
August 2021

"I have known Mikah since she was a young girl in1965 helping in the church nursery with my son and others. I love her and trust her with all my heart because of her closeness to God and prayer support in our times of need."

Dear friend Dorothy (Dot) Redfern Judah
November 2017

FREE DOWNLOAD, a chapter from The Journey Through Tribulation, the correct God-breathed interpretation of the Revelation prophecy.


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